Challenges and solutions


How to structure and display the content of archived documents based on individual gas station location?


We established a system that precisely organizes documents in a branch-like structure based on inventories, sub-inventories, and documentation.


How to follow the process of editing data in the documentation database and ensure review over archive status for a chosen period of time?


Archive in time is a special function we developed, which allows the user to follow and review changes in data in a chronological order.


How to ensure easy and effective administration of the system?


We implemented remote access to documentation via the iDIGIA system as an additional module for viewing and managing documents.

Extended project description

The project theme was the development of a location-based information system called DIGIA/iDIGIA for the maintenance and overview of gas stations. The system is built from several key pieces or building blocks as we call them. The geocoded database for all gas stations and application that work based on triple-layer technology (thread consumer, HTTP and application server, relational database).The system is designed so that it can work both in the internet and intranet environment and it enables integrated looks into geocoded data and all the corresponding documentation for individual gas stations. Additionally, it allows a user to follow and manage geocoded data and other documents as an archive in time.

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