Easy access to information and lower business costs.

Constant control and unlimited access to data history.

Protection against data corruption and compression of archive space.

Collection of large format sized documentation and further processing.

Collection and processing

Digital archive is a system for the collection of large quantities of data with all the corresponding elements of the process; scanning, attribution, and compression. By combining it with modern information technology it enables clients to store and manage documents digitally with precision. The system offers security, accessibility, and quickness for data management.

What is a Digital archive?

As a sign of quality, we carried out multiple proceedings with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia:

  • Registration as provider of equipment and digital storage services (No. 3821-24/2007/9),
  • confirmation of internal rules and instructions as provider of equipment and digital storage services (No. 3820-2/2014/12),
  • Received a certificate for implementation of services for grasping documentation no. e-ARS 2016/CS001.

The certificates were assigned in accordance with the Slovenian legislation (Law on the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institution – ZVDAGA, Regulation on the Protection of Documents and Archives – UVDAG, and Rules on the uniform technological requirements – ETZ). This shows we uphold the highest standards and quality when it comes to our services and equipment used in the field of digital archives.

Monolit d.o.o. is the first small company that obtained this certificate and one of three companies that offers certified services in the Slovenian market.

Location-based component

We specialize in digital archives with the emphasis on attributing a spatial component to documents

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A lot of attention is given to scanning, organizing, and maintaining digital databases. These are the cornerstone for quality solutions in everything that we do, therefore we strive to provide our clients with the most precise and customizable databases at all times.