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Traffic platform allows collection and distribution of the most precise traffic information by gathering anonymous localization data on location, speed, and direction of the vehicles on the road. The platform can be used for ral-time traffic, historical data, and predictions based on actionable data.


Dynamic and digital database of Slovenia and Europe, which is the cornerstone of our mapping solutions. The platform is completely independent, rich in data, and updated on a daily basis. It includes many different layers and attributes from road networks, hiking paths, and electrical grids..


GIS applications present a complete solution for scanning, presenting, and distributing location-based data and services. These are tools that help businesses with simplifying everyday tasks as well as provide an overview for strategic and development decisions.


Scanning, attribution and compression of large amounts of data combined with modern day information systems presents a quality solution for document handling and storage. It is characterized by safety, accessibility, and quick overview of business and project documentation.


Establishing software environments and projects for routing optimization and fleet planning. By having access to the most precise mapping data and leading software solutions, we provide the best tool for clients in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.


Outdoor activities platform that integrates hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities in a digital world for different destinations, regions, accommodations, and agencies. It includes mobile applications, web solutions, data integration, and printed maps.

Our Services


A lot of attention is given to scanning, organizing, and maintaining digital databases. These are the cornerstone for quality solutions in everything that we do, therefore we strive to provide our clients with the most precise and customizable databases at all times.


We offer complete support in the process of developing, publishing, and hosting web and mobile based application based on our established platforms for real-time traffic monitoring, mapping, routing, outdoor activities, etc.


MonolitMap and Monolit2go web services provide a great foundation for a quick and easy access to different kinds of map bases, real-time traffic information, and custom location analysis. Based on your request for information, our services deliver the desired data instantly.

Blaž OsrajnikProduktni vodja , TSmedia d.o.o.CASE STUDY
TSmedia has been cooperating with Monolit for over 10 years. During that time, they have proved themselves as a reliable and responsible business partner. We especially appreciate their willingness to listen and be ready for our requests as well as finding solutions. We look forward to our continued cooperation.
Luka KunaverCASE STUDY
We have been working together and strengthening our relationship with Monolit since 2015. We are very happy with their professionalism and quality of service.
Marko LenarčičCASE STUDY
We have been working with Monolit d.o.o. since 2011. The main areas of our cooperation are digital cartography and integration of hiking and biking trails into maps. They also built Slovenia Trails mobile application for us, which is becoming a more and more popular tool for outdoor activities planning and execution.
At HOFER we put quality first, which includes the process of picking our business partners, therefore we decided to work with Monolit. They provide quality solutions, which they pair up with professionalism and kindness.
Katarina PogačnikCASE STUDY
Together with Monolit d.o.o. we developed a technologically sound GIS solution applicable for many different uses. The solution allows us to easily view and analyse many different layers of data referenced in space. The team is professional, prompt, and kind and we look forward to work with them in the future.
Brane NastranVodja PICCASE STUDY
With the help of the Traffic-information centre DARS is responsible to provide traffic information for Slovenia, which we would not be able to do without quality map base layers used in our digital map. We achieved this by working with the best. Monolit and their professional approach, the quality of their solutions, and their flexibility helps us achieve our goal to provide the most reliable data to the Slovenian driver.

Our integrated solutions


TRAFFICPlatform that collects and distributes real-time traffic density and other traffic information.
Monolit2GOOutdoor platform that integrates hiking, biking trails and other kind of activities with web and mobile applications.
ROUTINGIntegration of software tools that allow customized route calculations and fleet planning.

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