Challenges and solutions


How to establish an easy way to calculate the route from the employee’s home to their work based on the law that dictates expense returns in an employer – employee relationship?


We developed a web module that calculates the most ordinary route as stated in the legislation from point A as the employee’s home to point B as the area of work.


How to ensure that the calculated route in the web module is accurate and 100% correct?


We developed a dynamic algorithm that calculates the most common route between predetermined point, which is based on the most current and accurate road database of Slovenia.


How to provide accuracy reports and the ability to substantiate the expense claims to employees in the event of disagreements?


In the event of complaints, we added a route calculation control function and we also provide consultations when needed.

Extended project description

Hofer Slovenia approached us for developing an application that would allow them to calculate the return expenses based for employees for their commuting to and from work. We developed a web module that allows route calculation from point A to point B considering proper road restrictions for vehicles classified as personal vehicles.
The calculation algorithm is based on a geospatial database of the Slovenian road network that is organized into 10 different road categories. The algorithm uses only roads that are driveable in normal conditions, it does not exclude roads that can be temporarily closed by natural events such as landslides, snowing etc. as prescribed in the legislation.

Prikaz izračuna najkrajše poti od točke A do točke B

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