Official trails that are properly marked and maintained.

Up-to-date new trails input and current database maintenance.

Easy data connectivity and integration based on the client.

Accurate and independent topographic map of Slovenia with many layers.

1 Mobile applications
2 Web solutions
3 Printed maps

Mobile applications

Mobile application monolit2go is the most detailed and mobile Slovenian outdoor activities guide that currently includes information about more than 2600 hiking, biking, mountaineering, and tourist trails in Slovenia. The platform is based on a topographic map, which Monolit developed and the databases also holds over 30000 points of interest (POI).

The cornerstone of the platform is an up-to-date location-based database that is constantly maintained, based on which we develop customized mobile applications on both android and iOS operating systems. These solutions include all the functionalities of the platform and can be designed to fit a specific destination, region, POI, or agency.

Find out more at monolit2go website!

Web solutions

Monolit2go platform enables web solutions that are tailored for a specific region, destination, POI, or agency. With easy integration of select data and maps we tailor the solution based on the client. We help the client present their outdoor activity opportunities on their websites in a way that is fitting for a digital age.

The platform offers many possibilities from visually presenting trails and their characteristic, establishing a search index for points of interest, to showing current events on digital media for an even better offer for your visitors.

Check out a little portion of what we can do for you on the map!

Printed maps

Maps on paper are only useful if they are accurate and actually have current information on them. The cornerstone of the company Monolit are up-to-date location-based databases, which we constantly maintain and are used in world renown maps such as Here maps, Google maps, and others. We can create printed maps of cities, destinations, and much more. The prints are based on the most current data and clients have the opportunity to add personalized information as well.

Marko LenarčičCASE STUDY
We have been working with Monolit d.o.o. since 2011. The main areas of our cooperation are digital cartography and integration of hiking and biking trails into maps. They also built Slovenia Trails mobile application for us, which is becoming a more and more popular tool for outdoor activities planning and execution.
Mobilno aplikacijo Laško2go smo v podjetju Monolit razvili v sodelovanju s STIK Laško, Termami Laško in Rimskimi Toplicami in predstavlja destinacijsko aplikacijo za promocijo turizma na območju Laškega.

What is monolit2go platform?

The platform monolit2go is based on the most current and accurate digital topographic map of Slovenia, owned by Monolit. The platform is a great tool for presenting and planning outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains, crushing biking trails, touring wine roads, and visiting other tourist trails in Slovenia.

The platform has the ability to visually draw trails on the digital map. The trails can then be labelled by many attributes such as pictures, descriptions, trail characteristics, elevation profiles, categorization and many more. Based on this detailed database that is the backbone of the platform we can offer our services and integrate data into different channels such as websites, mobile applications, and event printed maps.

Development of customized mobile applications

Development of customized mobile applications based on the client’s specific location, wishes, and nature of work

Integration and presentation of trail data on websites

The platform is designed so that the data is compatible and easily integrated on different website and other digital media

Development of detailed printed maps

Development of printed maps, with customized content based on what the client wants and the most accurate topographic map of Slovenia

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Mapping has been at the forefront of what we do since 2001 when we started with the development of the first navigational map of Slovenia. Since then, our digital map developed into a dynamic database that covers all of Europe. The digital database of Slovenia is characterized by daily updates and new content, where we are always a step ahead.


Monolit d.o.o. offers complete support in the process of developing, launching, and hosting web and mobile applications for different user platforms. The process includes software development, a data-centre, as well as technical and user support.