Challenges and solutions


How to improve visibility of the members of Hiking & Biking GIZ Association?


We established a way to display each hiking and biking destination individually, within the application. Each destination can input their description, main attractions, popular locations, etc. all marked and visible on a map.


How to display hiking and biking trails in the most transparent way?


We based the display of all the hiking and biking trails on Monolit2go platform, which automatically organizes and segments individual elements of the trail (description, characteristics, trail signs, etc.).


How to improve the presence of the association on mobile platforms?


We developed mobile applications based on the Monolit2go platform, which is based on a unified environment for iOS and android operating systems.

Extended description of the project

Outdoor guide Slovenia Trails Hiking & Biking includes more than 200 hiking and biking trails in the area of Slovenia. The guide also provides additional information on specialty lodging and services providers for the visiting hikers and bikers. Featured are also all the members of the association, with their offer information and description.

All the trails are display with detailed description and attributes such as: trail length, difficulty, description, markings, elevation profile, and points of interest in the area near the trail. For each trail the user can check if the trail is family friendly, accessible by car, how much of the trails is in the woods, or how much of it goes by main and side roads.

The trails can be viewed on a detailed topographic map developed by Monolit and is used in a wide variety of applications and GPS devices. The application also includes a search index for specialty lodging specific to hikers and bikers and can be used in areas without a data connection for the best experience in nature.

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