Compatible data and services independent from user platforms.

Traffic information available and processed in three time frames.

Up-to-date map base with a 100% road network coverage.

Actionable travel time data based on current traffic on the road.

1 Real-time traffic information
2 Historical Traffic Flow and Analysis
3 Future Predictions and Modelling

Real-time traffic information

Monitoring current traffic flow on the road with real-time traffic information offers an incredible tool to manage traffic. The platform rigorously collects GPS data points from countless of connected devices to present a precise real-time look into traffic. Day-to-day decisions become easier due to the fact that they can be based on actionable data that presents an accurate situation on the field.

Historical Traffic Flow and Analysis

Traffic changes on a momentary basis and that is why it is important to understand traffic flow dynamic long-term because that dynamic can directly affect business operations in real-time. Detailed analysis that is based on accurate historical data can help detect patterns and predict changes in traffic, which helps determine the right course of action when intervention is necessary. The platform offers a precise and complete traffic analysis by fusing, filtering, and aggregating information from over 20 million connected sources.

Future Predictions and Modelling

Precise historical traffic information data is the key to pattern analysis and future modelling. The traffic platform provides a tool that relies on actionable data directly from the source. With the help of expert engineers and robust algorithms that information is processed and presented based on maximum 50 meters road sections and is accurate up to 5 meters. Plan for the future with the right data!

AMZS kot največje podjetje za asistenco na cesti uporablja pri svojem delu spletno in mobilno aplikacijo s prometnimi dogodki, gostoto prometa na cesti ter potovalne čase. Svojim uporabnikom tako nudijo točne informacije o stanju prometa na cestah pri nas.
Brane NastranVodja PICCASE STUDY
With the help of the Traffic-information centre DARS is responsible to provide traffic information for Slovenia, which we would not be able to do without quality map base layers used in our digital map. We achieved this by working with the best. Monolit and their professional approach, the quality of their solutions, and their flexibility helps us achieve our goal to provide the most reliable data to the Slovenian driver.
Mestna občina Ljubljana
Na občinskem prostorskem portalu PromInfo Mestna občina Ljubljana uporablja informacije o gostoti prometa v občini in jih dopolnjuje še s prometnimi dogodki kot so zapore cest in dela na cestah.

What is the Traffic platform?

The traffic platform ensures the highest quality of traffic information. It includes different components for traffic monitoring, a central traffic database, traffic APIs, and other services for building applications.

Traffic platform is based on Floating Car Data (FCD) patented technology that collects and processes information of moving vehicles on the road. It anonymously and continuously monitors the location and speed of vehicles equipped with GPS connected devices. Based on this data it constructs and matched traffic flow on a roadmap background.

One of the most recognizable and useful functionalities is real-time traffic flow information. The system aggregates data on actual speed, travel time, and time delay based on individual road segments.

The data is updated every 60 seconds:
  • Actual speed and travel times on individual road segments
  • Service threshold and absolute speed
  • Traffic flow colour labelling based on actual speed

Traffic platform also automatically detects traffic jams based on the measured speed. These traffic jams are than translated into different warning codes such as “Traffic jam between point X and Y with the measured average speed of 10 km/h”. Additionally, to detecting traffic jams the platform can detect and label other events such as accidents, roadworks, obstacles on the road, police checks, etc. These events are entered into the system via traffic operators or via alternative connected traffic sources.

A roadmap is also a big part of the traffic platform, which is based on the technology of a cartography server. Besides the existing layers such as OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps or MonolitMap it also shows the speed of traffic flow marked by different colours and other traffic events marked by different icons.

The 2 layers of the Traffic platform
  • Traffic flow layer: the colours mark the measured speed
  • Traffic event layer: icons marks the specific event (traffic jam, accident, roadwork, etc.)
The map allows the following functionalities:
  • The ability to zoom in and zoom out: different layers show depending on the zoom
  • The ability to geocode by clicking on the map: As a base for the starting and finish point of the route
  • The ability to show the route based on route calculation: As a shape file


Historical data are aggregated into patters and represent an ideal base for analysis as well as short-term traffic predictions


The platform presents real-time traffic information, which contains current traffic flow data and other traffic event information


The platform is comprised of individual modules that can be easily integrated with different user applications, both web and mobile

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