Challenges and solutions


How to visually display current traffic information data on the road?


We establish a web service that displays traffic flow data on an up-to-date road map.


How to represent the actual situation of traffic on the road in a simple and understandable way?


We provided the access to a web service that displays different traffic flow in different colours. Green meaning maximum vehicle speed and red meaning slow speed/dense traffic.


How to counteract misinformation about traffic information on the national road network?


This is prevented by an application for managing and displaying vehicle speed profiles as well as travel times for specific road sections.

Extended project description

For the purposes of the Traffic information centre run by DARS, Monolit established a special traffic map that includes location-based tables, which enable road navigation in web and mobile applications. The database covers 99% of the entire road-network of Slovenia.
One of the main challenges for DARS was how to get a complete overview of the actual traffic at any point and time on Slovenian roads. Monolit integrated traffic information into the system, which allows DARS to see the exact traffic flow at all times and based on that traffic flow, they can calculate exact travel times for specific road sections. As part of the project we also developed web services that allows DARS to integrate traffic flow and actual travel-times calculations into their mobile application DARS Traffic+, which gives drivers a quick and easy look into current traffic in Slovenia.

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