Challenges and solutions


How to enable the development of an application based on actual and real-time data in the field?


We established a way so that the application DRAJV contains data about the actual speed limit, which is regularly updated.


How to ensure objective assessment and ratings of users based on complying with the rules and regulations on the road?


The key was gathering and organizing data into a precise speed limit database since speeding has a high bearing on the final ratings.


How to find an easy way to record and analyse driving characteristics of completed drives?


Allowing drivers to visually look at their drive on a map. The routes taken are precisely marked by different colours corresponding whether or not they complied with the speed limit. This enables drivers to easily notice their mistakes and improve their driving habits.

Extended description of the project

DRAJV is a free mobile application that monitors and rates driving characteristics of individual users. The application is meant for members of Triglav insurance group. It encourages safe driving and it allows users to lower their car insurance premium based on their driving style ratings.

The application considers many elements of road regulations and restrictions based on which it calculates individual scores. In order for the score to accurately reflect the driving behaviour, which is important for both the insurance company and the driver the geospatial data of the map in the background must be of the highest quality and completely up-to-date. This was one of the main challenges of the project, which we successfully overcame!

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