Easy and quick transport route planning.

Actionable decisions based on detailed reporting and analysis.

Integration with existing ERP/CRM systems of the client.

The ability to set different threshold conditions per client.

1 Study and Analysis
2 Optimization projects
3 Software-licence

Study and Analysis

The most important phase for effective and successful optimization projects is quality data mining and precise data preparation. Because of the importance of this phase, it can be performed as a standalone project. The process includes gathering all the client data, data entry points, and location-based data of the region such as road organization, addresses, terminal geolocations, vehicle categorization, etc. Afterwards we process this data and organize it in a form that perfectly sums up the client’s current status, which also provides a basis for future optimization projects.

Optimization projects

Based on the client’s specific characteristics and needs Monolit performs optimization projects with its own professional team. The whole scope of the project includes scanning and analysing the current state, setting conditions and boundaries specific to the client, performing several project iterations, and implementing the final product in practice. The end result is considerable savings and an improved work process.


Monolit is the official distributor of world renown tools for planning, route, and fleet optimization. By buying such tools like AMCS Route Planner, clients gain the ability to constantly optimize the workflow and work process of their fleet. Our team of experts makes sure that the clients master these tools by organizing annual workshops and by providing constant support remotely.

At HOFER we put quality first, which includes the process of picking our business partners, therefore we decided to work with Monolit. They provide quality solutions, which they pair up with professionalism and kindness.

What is Optimization?

From the very beginning Monolit is heavily invested in the collection, processing, and manipulation of location-based data. We combined capable and easy to use software tools for planning and optimization with the most up-to-date roadmap of Slovenia and Europe to become one of the premium providers for route and fleet optimization.

With a built in and precise road-network database, which can be customized to include the client’s own road restrictions based on the types of vehicles they have, planning can be optimized on all levels – from daily planning, strategic simulations, and even ONLINE planning.

The tools offer many different functionalities and include countless settable parameters such as time windows, product connectivity, types of vehicles and their capacity, vehicle – product compatibility, customer zoning, terminal access, warehouse size, and many more. The broad range of these tools help us tailor each project specifically to what the clients wants and needs.

Avtomatic route optimization

The software enables automatic route calculations based on vehicle type, road restrictions, cargo type, and many more for precision routing

Daily route planning

Routes can be planned specifically for each day with an option to integrate the software with GPS tracking and order pick-up solutions

Strategic planning

Powerful software enables analysis and processing of large quantities of data based on which we can design “What if” scenarios and strategies

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Geographical information systems (GIS) represent a complete solution for the collection, presentation, and distribution of location-based data and analysis. These tools are an incredible source of information and they offer means for better operational analysis as well as strategic decision making.


MonolitMap and Monolit2go web services provide a great foundation for a quick and easy access to different kinds of map bases, real-time traffic information, and custom location analysis. Based on your request for information, our services deliver the desired data instantly.