Challenges and solutions


How to ensure the arrival of the intervention units and services to the exact location of the incident?


We developed a system that precisely cross-references content from different geolocated databases providing an easier way to determine the exact location of the caller and a more precise routing directions for the intervention units.


How to calculate estimated time and route of arrival for a specific incident location?


We established a more accurate access time and location for intervention units by implementing data analysis based on actual road-restrictions, speed of travel and travel times.


How to ensure the route calculation and display for intervention units to more remote locations?


This was enabled by a system for continuous recording of incident location on or off the road based on reliable and up-to-date terrain data including forest roads and trails.

Extended project description

At the Administration of the RS for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, they have been vigorously upgrading technical aspects of individual processes with the end goal to ensure a better and a more effective response during natural disasters and other incidents. They have constantly been following technological advances and organizational requirements.

Monolit contributed in their project to ensure better quality of service for their information centres in order to improve response times to emergency calls. For effective orientation of emergency units in the field, we developed a 3D-GIS application that displays the exact location of the caller. It also includes location search index, spatial visualization of the area around the incident, and spatial analysis based on the danger presented for people or the environment.

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