Challenges and solutions


How to ensure users of the biggest Slovenian search engine a free and interactive map?


We established a web service for the display of the map of Slovenia for the client, which enables a search index by street, town, points of interest, organizations, and city neighbourhoods.


How to enable the display of the location of the search results in the digital phonebook of Slovenia with one click?


We developed a web service, where user of web portals and TIS (phonebook of Slovenia) can easily access search indexes for street address and display that address directly on the map.


How to determine a unified distance calculator for the purpose of returning business expenses, company fees, and other obligations for the employees?


We created a dynamic algorithm based on the evolving location database of Monolit. Because of the quality of data, the Slovenian government accepted a bill in 2013 that made the expenses calculator on the official tool for all people employed in Public administration.

Extended description of the project

As a company TSmedia was facing a couple of challenges

  • Where to get access to geospatial data,
  • How to process that data,
  • How to implement it into their solutions.

Within the frame of the partnership between Monolit and TSmedia, we developed several web services and algorithms. These solutions enabled TSmedia to access a location-based database, they delivered already processed/calculated information into their digital environment in an instant, and they allowed easy integration of set data with a variety of their products and services.

The project included map access and display, route calculation based on the map platform, access to a search engine index of places in Slovenia, maintenance, troubleshooting, and help with preparing new products and functionalities.

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