In the first quarter of this year, we at Monolit have finished renovating our topographic data segment, which resulted in a brand new and super advanced Slovenia map, a project, which was very important to us. The map has a completely new look but more importantly, the key improvements were achieved on the side of the content, which was thoroughly revamped. The new Slovenia map includes a much wider range of content and the content itself is much more detailed in comparison with the previous versions. The main purpose of the renovation project was to achieve a better level of service for our platform Monolit2Go, which uses topographic Slovenia map at the forefront.

Slovenia map and some of MonolitMap TOPO basic characteristics:

  • Coverage of EU area with an emphasis on Slovenia and neighbouring countries,


    Slovenia map: example of contour lines

  • Sources of data: MONOLIT, GURS, HERE, EEA, OSM,
  • 13 zoom levels from 1:9M to 1:2137,
  • 65 different types of cartography layers,
  • 60 different symbology sets.

The map is primarily intended for hiking and biking enthusiasts therefore additionally to classic topographic data it also includes different layers that help with navigation in the field such as mountain peaks, contour lines, shadow relief and the network of hiking and biking trails. Shadow relief is built based on LIDAR data, which represents extreme precision up to 1 meter. Contour lines are also generated from LIDAR data. With the addition of contour lines and shadow relief, we were able to mimic the nature of the natural terrain very well. Together with mountain peaks and elevation data, users can easily gage what kind of terrain they are currently on, what kind of gradients are around them, their elevation gain and much more.

Slovenia map and the additional content

For an easy and accurate orientation, the map also contains an up-to-date road network, which includes all kinds of dedicated and forest road segments. The road network is very nicely complemented with the addition of the railway network. A new and updated layer of water bodies and as an extra element users can orient themselves on, we have also added a layer of above the ground power lines. With more precise zooms users can see points of interest (POI) such as natural attractions, cultural heritage sites, train stations, post offices, hospitals, parking lots, bike shops etc.. As a new characteristic of the Slovenia map the objects are now represented in different colours based on whether it is a residential, industrial or a public element.

Dynamic content of the Slovenia map and EU

The map of EU, which includes Slovenia map is designed in a way that the content is dynamic, which means that the number and precision of layers is adjusted based on a specific measurement or zoom. With this for example the smaller zooms include less layers and data in order for the map to be simpler and easier to read but once users get to larger zooms, the map gets more and more precise, with the addition of more layers and data. Together with appropriately sized and places signs, a carefully coordinated colour chart it gives the map a good transparency and readability.


Slovenia map: example of additional content

In comparison with previous versions, we expanded the Slovenia map to the neighbouring countries, which allows users to use the map outside of Slovenia as well. The best way for users to experience all the positive characteristics that the map has to offer is by trying it out via Monolit2Go platform.

Main competitive advantages:

  • transparency and information adjusted for hikers/bikers,
  • shadow relief and contour lines generated from LIDAR for extreme precision (1m),
  • rich and precise content with simple orientation,
  • exact and current road network,
  • content adjustments based zoom/measurement.

If you would like to check out what others say about the advanced topographic Slovenia map and it’s added value to the Monolit2Go application, we anxiously invite you to check out this latest article about Monolit2Go platform on