Challenges and solutions


How to present all important information about a trail in a user-friendly way?


Each trail is described by the most basic information such as trail length, duration, starting point access, short description, marking symbol, and is all presented on the map alongside the course of the trail, additionally points of interest encountered on the trail.


How to ensure that people can orient themselves on the trail itself and not get lost?


A person can check their current position, heading, and progress on the map and on the trail, which can also be enriched by data for current elevation based on the trails elevation profile, so they can prepare for any challenges ahead like steep climbs or descents.


How to maintain data access when there is no cellular reception, while on the trails?


Each trail can be saved into a person’s list of favourites and all the data can be download to the local storage on the mobile device. This way a person can access all the information about the trail even when there is no GPRS connectivity.

Development of a mobile app for Monolit2Go platform for Android and iOS

The platform along with the mobile application has been developed internally and uses different kind of APIs, which are developed on top of Monolit topographic database and it represents a great companion for all kind of trips in Slovenia.

Mobile application Monolit2Go is based on the most detailed database for outdoor activities in Slovenia with information on more than 2.600 mountain, hiking, biking and other tourist/theme trails. It was the first project that collected all the trails on one platform and one map.

As the project gained traction, we knew that the real value of it is the database of trails, which we made our emphasis. We wanted to include as broad of a trail portfolio as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the information. It took a lot of effort, but we managed to cover all kinds of trails, some of the most popular ones are: Slovenian mountain trail, European long-distance trail, Via Alpina, Juliana trail, and many more. With the help of our early adopters, we soon realized that the value of this data can be even greater if it is coupled with points of interests such as mountain huts, inns, accommodations, cultural and natural landmarks etc., which currently number over 30.000 entries in our database.

The mobile application is meant for all individuals that like to explore and enjoy the marvels that the Slovenian countryside has to offer. With it a person can easily find the right trails, look over its characteristics, and later on orient themselves on the ground.

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